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Class 6 NCERT Solutions English Chapter 1 - Who Did Patrick's Homework

Who Did Patrick's Homework Exercise 11

Solution A

1. Some people find household chores a bore, but I like to help at home.
2. Who stole the diamond is still a mystery.
3. This semester we are going to have a class exhibition.
4. True to his word, the elf began to help Patrick.
5. Can you look up this word in the dictionary?
6. I started early to be on time, but I was out of luck. There was a traffic jam!
7. She says she's got a lot of books, but between you and me I think most of them are borrowed.

Solution 1

Patrick thought that his cat was playing with a little doll. The cat was actually playing with an extremely tiny man, who wore a woollen shirt with old fashioned britches and a high tall hat.

Solution 2

The little man granted Patrick a wish because he wanted to escape from the cat and did not want Patrick to give him back to the cat.

Solution 3

Patrick wanted the elf to do all his homework till the end of the semester, which was for 35 days.

Solution 4

To do Patrick's homework, the little man needed help in English, Maths and human history.

Solution 5

Patrick helped him by working harder than ever. He even stayed up at nights.

Solution 6

Patrick did his homework himself. Since the elf did not know anything, in English, maths and human history Patrick had to look up words in the dictionary, guide him with maths and help him to read too. Patrick stayed up at nights and worked hard. He had never felt so weary and even went to school with his eyes puffed and bleary. As a result of this, he got A's in his work and his teachers were full of praise. Even his parents wondered what had happened as he kept his room clean, did his chores, was cheerful never rude and had developed a new attitude. Therefore, it was definitely Patrick who did the homework, and not the little man.

Who Did Patrick's Homework Exercise 12

Solution B

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