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Class 6 NCERT Solutions English Chapter 10 - The Banyan Tree

The Banyan Tree Exercise 131

Solution A

1. The old banyan tree " did not belong” to grandfather, but only to the boy, because the grandfather at sixty-five could no longer climb it.


2. The small grey squirrel became friendly when he found that the boy did not arm himself with catapult or air-gun.


3. When the boy started to bring him pieces of cake and biscuit, the squirrel grew quite bold and was soon taking morsels from the author's hand.


4. In the spring, the banyan tree was full of small red figs, and birds of all kinds would come there.


5. The banyan tree served the boy as a library.


6. The young boy spent his afternoons in the tree when it was not too hot.


The Banyan Tree Exercise 132

Solution B




(a) Superb fighter

(a) Skillful

(b) Clever

(b) Fighter

(c) aggressive

(c) Swift



(ii) To show its readiness for the fight, the cobra hissed defiance, its forked tongue

      Darting in and out. It raised three of its six feet off the ground, and spread its

      Broad and spectacled hood.  The bushing of its tail, and the standing up of the

      long hair on its spine showed that the mongoose was ready for the fight.


2. The other two spectators were a jungle crow and a myna. They settled on a cactus to watch

    The outcome. But they did not just watch. They tried to join the fight by hurling themselves

     At the cobra.












Ceased to struggle



Refused to look into the snakes's eye




Tried to mesmerize the mongoose



Pretended to attack the cobra on one side




Coiled itself around the mongoose



Sprang aside, jumped in and bit




Struck the crow



Darted away and bit the cobra on the back




Struck again and missed



Grabbed the snake by the snout




Struck on the side that the mongoose pretended to attack



Dragged the snake into the bushes


4. i. In the end the crow and the myna dived once again at the cobra but this time they missed each other and their mark. The crow tried to pull up in mid air and turn back. In the second that it took the bird to do this the cobra whipped his head back and struck with great force his snout thudding against the crow’s body. The bird was flung nearly twenty feet across the garden, where it fluttered about for awhile and then lay still.


ii. The myna remained on the cactus plant, and when the snake and the mongoose returned to the fight, very wisely decided not to interfere again. It finally dropped cautiously to the ground, hopped about, peered into the bushes from a safe distance and then with a shrill cry of congratulations flew away.

The Banyan Tree Exercise 133

Solution A

1. In the story the word 'round' means the different stages or the sequence of events of the fight between the cobra and the mongoose.
2. Leaves, branch, fruit, root and bark.

The Banyan Tree Exercise 134

Solution B

1. When he began to trust me, the squirrel began delving into my pockets for morsels of cake.

2. I saw a cobra gliding out of clump of cactus.

3. The snake hissed, his forked tongue darting in and out.

4. When the cobra tried to bite it, the mongoose sprang aside.

5. The snake whipped his head back to strike at the crow.

6. The birds dived at the snake.

Solution C

1. The cobra struck the crow, his snout thudding against its body.
2. The crow and the myna collided in mid - air.
3. The birds dived at the snake, but bumped into each other instead.

The Banyan Tree Exercise 135

Solution D

Grandfather says, in the old days,
1. elephants could fly in the sky like clouds. They could change their shapes. They would fly behind clouds and frighten them. People would look up at the sky and wonder.
2. because there was no electricity, he would get up with the sun, and he would go to bed with the sun, like the birds.
3. like the owl, he could see quite well in the dark. He could tell who was coming by listening to their footsteps.
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