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Class 6 NCERT Solutions English Chapter 3 - Taro's Reward

Taro's Reward Exercise 34

Solution A

1. Taro ran in the direction of the stream because he could not remember ever seeing or hearing a rushing stream in that part of the forest, and he was thirsty. He therefore stopped chopping and ran in the direction of the sound of rushing water.

2. After drinking sake, Taro's father stopped shivering and showed his happiness by doing a little dance in the middle of the floor.

3. Taro was a thoughtful and loving son who honoured and obeyed his parents, and worked very hard to give them everything they needed.  The others however were greedy. This is why the waterfall gave Taro sake and the others only cold water.

4. When the villagers went to the waterfall with pitchers, jars, buckets and anything they could find to collect the magic sake all they got from the waterfall was cold water. They thought Taro had tricked them and so wanted to drown him.

5.  The emperor rewarded Taro with twenty pieces of gold because he had been so good and kind. He named the most beautiful fountain after Taro to encourage all children to honour and obey their parents like Taro had done.

Solution B

1. Taro earned very little money because - (iii) the price of wood was very low.
2. Taro decided to earn extra money - (ii) to buy his old father some sake.
3. The neighbour left Taro's hut in a hurry because - (iii) she wanted to tell the whole village about the waterfall.

Taro's Reward Exercise 35

Solution A

Taro wanted to give his old parents everything they needed. This shows that he was ___ thoughtful, loving, considerate, kind.

Solution B

1. 'This' refers to (iii) Taro's inability to buy expensive sake for his father.
2. 'This' refers to (ii) rewarding Taro with gold and giving the fountain his name.

Solution C

Young - Lung
Sad - Bad
Money - Sunny
Chop - Stop
Last - Fast
Wax - Axe
Could - Wood
Sound - Round
Way - Day

Taro's Reward Exercise 36

Solution D

1. A young wood cutter lived on a lonely hillside. He was a thoughtful son who worked hard but earned little money. One day he saw a beautiful waterfall hidden behind a rock. He tasted the water and found it delicious.
(i) This made Taro sadder than ever.
(ii) He decided to work harder than before.
(iii) Next morning, Taro jumped out of bed earlier than usual.
(iv) He began to chop even faster.
(v) Next morning, Taro started for work even earlier than the morning before.
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