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Class 6 NCERT Solutions English Chapter 7 - Fair Play

Fair Play Exercise 91

Solution A

Solution B

1. Jumman said this to his aunt because he was shameless and had grown tired of her and she had asked him for a monthly allowance to set up a separate kitchen as she felt that she was not wanted in their house.
2. Jumman's aunt said this to Algu. She had gone to Algu for help but Algu had politely refused her plea. He did not want to go to the panchayat because Jumman was his friend and he could not go against him.
3. Algu said this to Jumman. Algu was made the head Panch by the aunt, and he said this to question Jumman about his mistreatment of the aunt.
4. Samjhu Sahu said this to Algu when Algu demanded payment for the bullock he had sold to Samjhu. The bullock had died within a month and Sahu refused to pay for it.
5. Algu said this over and over again in front of the village. He was happy that Jumman had not deviated from the path of justice in spite of the enmity between them and had not allowed his personal feelings to come in the way of speaking the truth and doing justice.

Solution C

1. The situation being referred to is Jumman and his family’s  behaviour towards his aunt. Jumman's aunt had transferred her property to him on the understanding that he would look after her. However, after a couple of years, Jumman and his family grew tired of her. He became as indifferent to her and his wife too grudged even the little food that the old lady wanted everyday.
2. When Jumman's aunt realised that she was not welcome in his house she suggested that Jumman should give her a monthly allowance so that she could set up a separate kitchen.
3. When the aunt explained her case to the villagers, some sympathised with her, others laughed at her and a few others advised her to make it up with her nephew and his wife.
4. Jumman was happy over Algu's nomination as head Panch because Algu was his best friend and he knew that he would never go against him.
5. "God lives in the heart of the Panch." By this, Jumman's aunt meant that a Panch was always impartial and would not kill his conscience for the sake of friendship.. A Panch had neither a friend nor an enemy. Whatever justice he delivered, it was the justice delivered by God.
6. As head Panch, Algu's verdict was that Jumman had to pay his aunt a monthly allowance, or else the property would go back to her. Jumman did not take the verdict well. Algu and Jumman were seldom seen together from that day. The bond of friendship between them was broken. Jumman felt betrayed and became Algu's enemy. All he wanted was to take his revenge on  Algu.
7. One of Algu's fine pair of bullocks died, and he sold the other to Samjhu Sahu on the understanding that Sahu would pay the price of the bullock in a month's time. The bullock died within a month and Sahu refused to pay Algu.
8. The bond of friendship between Algu and Jumman was broken after Algu had given a verdict in favour of Jumman's aunt. Jumman was Algu's enemy and wanted revenge. This was why Algu was upset over Jumman's nomination as head Panch.
9. Jumman's verdict as head Panch was that since the bullock did not suffer from any disability or disease when Sahu bought it, although the death was unfortunate Algu could not be blamed for it. Therefore, Sahu would have to pay Algu the price of the bullock. When Algu heard Jumman's decision, he could not contain his feelings of joy. He stood up and said loudly over and over again, "Victory to the panchayat. This is justice. God lives in the heart of the Panch."

(ii) "Let no one deviate from the path of justice and truth for friendship or enmity."

This sentence sums up the story best. In the story, we see justice being done in spite of friendship or enmity. Algu delivered a just judgment even though he was friends with Jumman, and Jumman did the same, although he had become Algu's enemy. Both did not allow their personal feelings to come in the way of speaking the truth and doing justice.

Fair Play Exercise 92

Solution A

1. The best way to avoid an argument is to keep mum.
2. As ill luck would have it, the train I was trying to catch was cancelled.
3. He has been told not to take chances while driving a car through a crowded street.
4. The patient needs to be properly looked after.
5. Why don't the two of you make it up by shaking hands?
6. I was in a tight spot till my friends came to my rescue.
7. When I saw a pile of dirty dishes, my heart sank.
8. I will go into the matter carefully before commenting on it.
9. They criticised him in the meeting but he swallowed all the criticism.
10. It will ease my conscience to know that I had done nothing wrong.

Fair Play Exercise 93

Solution B

Note: put a gap between the words; set down, set up, set aside, sets in, set out. 
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