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Class 6 NCERT Solutions English Chapter 4 - An Indian American Woman in Space

An Indian American Woman in Space Exercise 50

Solution A

1. Kalpana Chawla was born in Karnal, Haryana. She was called an Indian-American because she was a naturalised U.S. citizen, married to flight instructor Jean-Pierre Harrison.

2. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautical engineering against great opposition from her father she went to the United States for a master's degree. She married flight instructor Jean-Pierre Harrison.

3. Kalpana was licensed to fly single and multiengine land planes, single -engine sea planes and gliders and was also a certified flight instructor.  After qualifying as a pilot, she began to consider another challenge: applying to NASA's space shuttle program. She was first hired as a research scientist at NASAand in 1994; she was selected by NASA for training as an astronaut.

While pursuing her studies or doing anything in her life she never ever thought that she was a woman or a person from a small city or a different country and dreamt like anyone else. The idea that she could be an astronaut came from her desire to follow her dreams.

4. According to the journalist,  it takes enormous ability to be an astronaut. An astronaut must know a lot about everything, from biology to astrophysics to aeronautical engineering. In this age of super-specialisation, you must have encyclopedic knowledge to be an astronaut.

5. Kalpana's first space mission was in the space shuttle Columbia. It lasted for 15 days, 16 hours, and 34 minutes. During this time she went around the earth 252 times, travelling 10.45 million kilometres. The crew included a Japanese and a Ukrainian astronaut. The crew performed experiments such as pollinating plants to observe food growth in space, and tests for making stronger metals and faster computer chips.

6. About pursuing a dream, Kalpana said that the path from dreams to success does exist. One needs to have the vision to find it, and the courage to get onto it. Yes, success is possible. Her life is an example of that. Many, who followed her example and started on this journey like Kalpana, would be able to fulfill their dreams.

An Indian American Woman in Space Exercise 51

Solution B

1. Date and place of lift off: 16th January, 2003; Kennedy Space Center, Florida
2. Number of astronauts on board: Seven
3. Number of days it stayed in space: 16
4. Number of experiments done by scientists: 80
5. Date of return journey: Saturday, 1st February, 2003
6. Height at which it lost contact: 200,000 feet

Solution A

An Indian American Woman in Space Exercise 52

Solution B

1. Broke apart - Divide violently into parts
The aircraft suddenly burst into flames and broke apart before it could even reach the runway

2. Streaked over - Flash brightly leaving a visible line
Fireworks streaked over the horizon when India won the World Cup.

3. Spread across - Distributed over a given area
Airtel has a large network which is spread across the country.

4. Lifted off - The action of an aircraft in becoming airborne
The space craft lifted off at 2 A.M on New Year’s day.

5. Blast off - Action of a rocket leaving its launch pad
It is not an easy task to blast off a rocket safely from its launching pad.

6. Went on - Continued
Though he faced many difficulties, the ambitious student went on to achieve his dream.

7. Cheered along - Stood by to shout their support
The crowd cheered along as the elephants continued to perform one trick after the other at the circus.


8. On board - On a ship, plane or other vehicle
The passengers on board the Titanic did not realize that the ship had hit an iceberg.


9. Carry on - continue doing it.

You must carry on with your education even though you find it difficult at times.

Solution C

1. identified Unidentified
2. controlled Uncontrolled
3. attended Unattended
4. successful Unsuccessful
5. important Unimportant
6. educated Uneducated
7. interesting Uninteresting
8. qualified Unqualified
9. trained Untrained
10. answerable Unanswerable
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