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Class 6 NCERT Solutions English Chapter 8 - A Game of Chance

A Game of Chance Exercise 103

Solution A

1. A big fair was held at the time of the Eid festival.
2. Tradesmen came to the village with all kinds of goods to sell.
3. Uncle told me not to buy anything while he was away.
4. The owner of the Lucky Shop wanted everyone present to try their luck.
5. The first time I took a chance I got two pencils.
6. Uncle told me that the shopkeeper had made a fool of me.

A Game of Chance Exercise 104

Solution B

1. Rasheed's uncle told him not to buy anything in his absence because he knew that the shopkeepers would make a fool of Rashid and cheat him and take away all his money.
2. The shop was called Lucky Shop because the shopkeeper wanted everybody to try their luck. There were discs on the table with numbers from one to ten facing down. All one had to do was to pay 50 paise, pick up any six discs, add up the numbers on the discs and find the total. The article marked with that number went to the person.
3. The old man made 15 rupees by selling the clock back to the shopkeeper.
4. The boy won four prizes. They were a comb, a fountain pen, a wristwatch and a table lamp.
5. Rasheed was upset because he had hopes of winning a big prize and he continued trying his luck again and again. But every time he got a trifle. People were looking at him and laughing at his bad luck, but no one showed any sympathy. He played till he finished all his money.
6. The shopkeeper made a fool of Rasheed by making him believe that it was luck that got the old man and the boy their prizes. They were in fact friends of the shopkeeper who were playing tricks to tempt Rasheed to try his luck. As a result, Rasheed tried his luck again and again in the hope of getting a big prize. However, he did not manage to win anything big and in the end had spent all his money.

Solution I

1. (i) The two teams have played three matches already.
(ii) The last day's play was excellent.
2. (i) She has a lovely face.
(ii) India faces/is facing a number of problems these days
3. (i) He made his mark in essay writing.
(ii) Articles marked 'sold' are reserved.
4. (i) The police are combing the area to catch the burglars.
(ii) An ordinary plastic comb costs five rupees.
5. (i) He gave a smile in answer to my question.
(ii) We also smiled to see him smile.
6. (i) He said he hoped to be invited to the party.
(ii) We gave up hope of his joining the party.
7. (i) The boys put up a good athletic show.
(ii) The soldiers showed great courage in saving the people from the floods.
8. (i) You deserve a pat on the back for your good performance.
(ii) The teacher patted the child on the cheek to encourage her.

A Game of Chance Exercise 105

Solution B

1. There are beautiful roses in this park.
2. There is no fun in your story.
3. There are no secrets between us.
4. There are two primary schools in my village.
5. There are two ways to solve this problem.

A Game of Chance Exercise 106

Solution C

There was a big Eid fair in our village. We could buy anything from a tiny toy to a huge camel. I went to the fair on its last day with Uncle and Bhaiya. We went to the lucky shop.
It was very interesting. I tried my luck but did not win any prize. Later uncle told me that I was more foolish than unlucky.
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