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Class 6 NCERT Solutions English Chapter 9 - What Happened To The Reptiles

What Happened To The Reptiles Exercise 42

Solution 1

Pambupatti is a peaceful village inhabited by a variety of people dark, fair, short, tall, etc. They spoke different languages some ate meat and some didn’t. Some prayed in mosques others in temples. But Pambupatti was different from any other village because there was peace and harmony in the village and the people looked after each other. The people did not fight with those who prayed to other Gods.

Solution 2

Prem did not want to return to his village because what he had seen in his village made him burn with shame.

Solution 3

Makara disliked tortoises because they were stupid and slow and carried their houses on their backs. He disliked the snakes because they were slimy and made funny noises and so no one wanted weird creatures like them around. He also disliked lizards because they had the strangest habits, and some of them even changed colours and it was not possible to trust someone who was green one minute and red the next.

Solution 4

After the tortoises left the forest, a strange smell of rot began to fill the forest. It was of rotting fruits on the ground and rotting animals in the river. When the snakes left the rats took over the forest and were everywhere on the trees, in the grass, in the bushes and on the ground and they were having a wonderful time. They ate up the eggs of the lizards and crocodiles and so there were no babies that year. The rats grew bolder every day. There were also too many frogs and they began to grow larger as there was no one to eat them. After the lizards left the forest, there were millions of insects everywhere and they grew bigger and nastier day by day.

Solution 5

Prem wanted to tell the story of the reptiles to the people of his village because he wanted to make them understand that each one of them had a special place in this strange funny world that we all live in. Each ones happiness depends on the happiness of their fellow creatures. They should learn from their mistakes and therefore stop hating one another, stop all the fighting and violence and live together peacefully as one family.

Solution 6

 Yes it is difficult not to go along with someone who is very strong and powerful as most often we are afraid of them. However we must try to overcome our fear and make them understand that they can’t always be right and others views are also important. After all we are all dependent on each other and each one is important and has a special place in this strange, funny world that we live in.

Solution 7

If I were a baby crocodile I would try to convince Makara that he was wrong without upsetting him by saying that the forest is a home for many animals and each one is inter-dependent.  If one of them leaves, the food chain will be disturbed thus creating a difficult situation for the others. We are all dependent on each other and each one is important and has a special place in this strange world that we live in.
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