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Class 10 NCERT Solutions English Chapter 1(C) - Whopping Walter Hudson

Whopping Walter Hudson Exercise 24

Solution 2

The completed table is given below:


What happened



born in Brooklyn/"began gorging"

540 kg


very obese; legs collapsed and he was confined to bed



family moved to Hampstead New York; broke the motorcar seat

266 kg



became stuck in bedroom door for four hours; eight firemen had to free him./ went on a diet; lost 178 kg in three months.

362 kg




Whopping Walter Hudson Exercise 25

Solution 3

1. Some people are so devoted to their work that they have no time for their family. (para-2)

2. Harshad's corrupt practices soon gained him notoriety in the city.


3. When a person is dehydrated, he should be given copious amounts of fluid. (para-6)

4. He visited various vintage car rallies because he had a penchant for old cars. (para-7)

5. If you over-eat and do not exercise, you will become slow. (para-9)

6. The driver had to negotiate the winding road to the mountain top with caution. (para-8)

7. The new literacy programme envisaged a 20% increase in the literacy rate over the next two years. (para-11)

Solution 4

The scale ranging from peck to gorge showing eating habits is shown below:

b. The scale ranging from skinny to obese showing a person's built is shown below:

Whopping Walter Hudson Exercise 26

Solution 5(1)

· Extremely lethargic life

· Boring, unenthusiastic life;

· Loneliness with no friends and beloved;

· He couldn't hangout with friends, play sports, go for movies, operate bank, buy stationery and grocery, etc.

Solution 5(2)

He did not go on a serious diet when he was much younger because he was a foodoholic and had no excuse for the same. He loved food and this addiction was fuelled by food brought in by family members.

Solution 5(3)

I would have asked Walter to reduce intake of carbohydrates, oil, fats and should incorporate fruits and leafy vegetables in his diet. Boiled food intake would also help him reduce weight to a great extent.

Solution 5(4)

Most probably, he survived on dole that was donated by the state.

Solution 5(5)

Walter might have hired a cook or maybe he stayed with his mother who cooked the food for him. Of course, these people were responsible for his obesity and are to be blamed.

Solution 6

Today I woke up at 12 pm. I saw two movies last night and went to bed really late. For brunch I had 10 sandwiches, 2 bowls of mashed potatoes, 10 bottles of coke and 4 apple pies. After this feast, I felt lazy and lethargic again. So I dozed off until 6 in the evening. At 6 I turned on the television and saw that my favourite movie was going to be telecasted. So I remained glued to the television for the next 4 hours. I ate 6 packets of caramel popcorn, 3 packets of nachos with cheese and salsa and drank 5 bottles of coke. Food and television make my life complete. I wonder what I would do without these two things!

Whopping Walter Hudson Exercise 28

Solution 8


23rd March 2011

8 pm


Radhika, Nidhi's roommate called to inform that Nidhi has been hospitalized. Nidhi received an electric shock and is admitted to the Sanjeevani Hospital. Don't worry as she is conscious now and wants to meet us. I am going to the hospital and I'll meet you both there soon.


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