NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Chapter 1 - Two Gentlemen of Verona

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Chapter 1 - Two Gentlemen of Verona Exercise 3

Solution 1

Please use any five of the qualities listed below (based on your perspectives) to complete the table.











Yes, a gentleman has consideration for others and their feelings.



Solution 2

This answer depends on each student's views and opinions.

A few guidelines

Without reading the lesson just based on the discussion, I think


  • The story is about two gentlemen who live in Verona and are extremely helpful and considerate about the feelings of others.
  • Two men of Verona who have all the qualities of true gentlemen.
Solution 3

This is an activity to be carried out by the student in the class.

Chapter 1 - Two Gentlemen of Verona Exercise 8

Solution 4(1)

a)  the boys were untidy and poorly dressed

Solution 4(2)

b) willingness to work

Solution 4 (3)

a)did not want a stranger to become involved with their plans

Solution 4(4)

a) he did not want to intrude into their privacy

Solution 4(5)

a)  the Germans had ruined their family

Solution 4(6)

a) he thought the boys would prefer to keep their secret

Chapter 1 - Two Gentlemen of Verona Exercise 9

Solution 5

a) The narrator was surprised to see Nicola and his brother Jacopo polishing shoes as he had assumed that they only picked fruit for a living. Nicola then informed him that he and his brother did several jobs to earn a living. They were willing to put their hands to any type of work. They hoped that the narrator and his friend would provide them with some kind of job so that they could earn some money.


b) The narrator was shocked to see Nicola and his brother living frugally even though they earned enough through their various jobs.

 Nicola felt embarrassed and uneasy when the narrator asked him about their earnings. Not used to answering such questions, his skin changed colour under his sunburn and he grew pale with embarrassment.


c) When the narrator asked Nicola if they were saving up to go to the United States, he said that they would have liked to go but had other plans. When the narrator enquired what these plans were, Nicola evasively replied "Just plans, sir". He actually had to collect money for his sister's treatment; she was suffering from tuberculosis of the spine.


d) As he was being escorted by Nicola and Jacopo around town, the narrator was amazed at their behavior and the way they went about their work. They were hardworking and sincere. In spite of being very young, they displayed a kind of maturity that was seldom seen in boys of their age.



Solution 6a

Luigi did not approve of the two boys because of their shabby appearance. One was wearing a worn out jersey with cut off khaki pants and the other a shortened army tunic. Their hair was tangled and even the wild strawberries they were selling were not of the best quality. 

Solution 6b

The narrator and his companion were impressed by the remarkable demeanour of the boys. They were childlike and artless, yet they were mature beyond their years. The narrator was impressed by their willingness to work. In spite of the hot summer, they did a variety of jobs like selling fruit, shining shoes, hawking newspapers, conducting tourists and even running errands for the author. Although they were very young, they exhibited great dedication, determination and sincerity in their work. Their knowledge about Verona greatly impressed the narrator and his companion.

Solution 6c

The author was surprised to see Nicola and Jacopo working as shoeshine boys because the day before, they had seen them selling wild strawberries and the author thought that was the only job they had. 

Solution 6d

Both Nicola and Jacopo were very useful to the author and his companion. They tended to their needs: getting them a pack of American cigarettes, seats for the opera or the names of good restaurants. They were ever willing to work and ran all kinds of errands for the author.

Solution 6e

The boys were in the deserted square at night as they were waiting for the last bus from Padua to arrive. They wanted to sell the last bundle of newspapers to the passengers on the bus.

The boys exhibited determination, responsibility and commitment. 

Solution 6f

From their reply, we learn that the boys were very responsible and dedicated to their work. They toiled to earn the money that was required for their sister's treatment.

Solution 6g

 The boys didn't wish to share their problems with a stranger. They did not want anybody's sympathy or charity. They accepted responsibility for their own lives and were determined to work hard and earn their living. This is why they did not disclose their problems to him.

Solution 7a

The two brothers Nicola and Jacopo were selling wild strawberries when the author met them. They were shabby looking but the narrator knew there was something earnest about them. In the weeks that followed, the author was amazed to see them do a variety of jobs. Although young and innocent, the author was astonished at their remarkable demeanor and their willingness to work. They were mature beyond their years because both had taken up the responsibility of their ailing sister from a very young age. Therefore, the boys were wiser and nobler than what they appear to be.

Solution 7b

Yes, the boys Nicola and Jacopa looked after their sister Lucia willingly.

They were all alone in the world with their sister Lucia after their father a widower was killed in the war. They found out that Lucia was suffering from tuberculosis of the spine. They immediately took her to the hospital to treat her. Every week, the brothers travelled 30 kilometers on cycles to visit her. Even though work was very scarce in Verona, they did odd jobs to fund for Lucia's treatment.  With all the money they earned, they could have emmigrated to the States, but they used it all to save the life of their sister.

Solution 7c

Nicola and Jacopo were all alone in the world with their sister Lucia after their father a widower was killed in the war. A little later, a bomb destroyed their home and the three were thrown into the streets. The children who had always known a comfortable and cultured life since Lucia had been training as a singer now suffered from starvation and exposure to the cold winter. When the war was over, they found out that Lucia suffering from tuberculosis of the spine. By doing odd jobs, the brothers managed to fund for their sister's treatment. They took on big responsibilities from a very young age and never divulged their problems to others. The narrator himself was moved by their sincerity and maturity.

Despite being struck by tragedy, they struggled hard to stay together as a family.

Their devotion touches us deeply and helps us realise that no matter how tragic the circumstances, we can emerge out of it without being bitter or despondent.

The selflessness of the boys promises greater hope for human society.

Chapter 1 - Two Gentlemen of Verona Exercise 10

Solution 8(1)




to start / establish a company

break down

to lose control of your feelings and start crying

set off

to start on a journey

put up with

to tolerate a situation or a person

put off

to postpone

put on

to wear

come in

to enter

come across

to meet or find by chance

come up against

to be faced with or opposed by

turn down

to refuse/ reject

turn in

to inform on or deliver up

turn to

to try to get help / advice / sympathy from someone

The landlord was suspicious of the two men staying in his flat so he called the police and turned them in.

Solution 8(2)

Early in the morning we packed our bags and set off for a hike over the mountain.

Solution 8(3)

Janvi came across some photographs of her grandfather in the old trunk.

Solution 8(4)

My father set up his own business 10 years ago.

Solution 8(5)

The Bank turned down Paul's request for a loan.

Solution 8(6)

The Corporation's decision to reduce the leave of the employees came up against a lot of opposition.

Solution 9

This is a sample answer. Please read it carefully so that you can rewrite any paragraph of your choice.


(Page 6. 40, 41) The driver shook his head and turned away. He felt that he could not bear to intrude upon that happy family party. But at the foot of the staircase he drew up and begged the woman to tell him all she knew about the boys.


The woman was eager to do so. She explained to him that they were quite alone in the world except for the girl they had come to meet who was their sister Lucia.  Their father, a widower, a well-known singer had been killed in the early part of the war. Shortly afterward a bomb had destroyed their home and thrown the three children into the streets.


Chapter 1 - Two Gentlemen of Verona Exercise 11

Solution 10

a) Before the war, Nicola and Jacopo lived a comfortable and cultured life with their father and sister. In spite of losing their father and home, and despite the fact their sister had tuberculosis, their bond was inseparable. They did not abandon their sister. They loved her dearly and worked from dawn to dusk to collect money for her treatment without complaining. The brothers spent no money on themselves. They wore shabby clothes, ate black bread and rested on the stone pavements.

b) In spite of their young age, they were hardworking and mature. They never ever complained or shared their grievances. They were impoverished by war yet their spirits were not broken. Nicola did not want to be indebted to the author in anyway even when he asked if he could help and was angry with his brother for asking for help. Both did not reveal that they were looking after their sick sister in hospital and earning money just to pay the hospital fees.

c) When the narrator asked if there was anything he could do for them before he left, Jacopa asked if he would send his car to drop them to Poleta. They would not have asked anyone else for such a favour, but they trusted him. 

d) Once they reached their destination in Poleta, the boys did not ask the narrator to accompany them. The narrator was touched by the scene at the hospital. Noticing their reluctance to share the purpose of their visit with the narrator, he decides not to disclose to them that he knows their secret even though he has heard the truth from the nurse.  He knew it was their secret and he respected them and wanted to keep it that way.

Solution 11

This answer depends on each student's views and imagination.

A few guidelines for your article:


Lessons you have learnt:

  • Ultimately, it is always the family that matters.
  • Appearances are deceptive; the boys, though young, were mature beyond their age.
  • People may appear jovial, but they may harbour saddening secrets in their hearts.
  • You may face trials and tribulation in life, but love will always give you the strength to face them.
  • Stand by your loved ones through thick and thin.
  • The boys' love and loyalty towards their sister restores  one's faith in humanity.
Solution 12

This answer depends on each student's views and imagination.

A few guidelines for your article:


Begin your diary entry with the place and date.



Dear diary,

I am looking forward to each new day despite my illness. It is because the two most important people in my life come to visit me every day, my brothers Nicola and Jacopo. I owe my life to these heroes.


  • Before the war we lived a comfortable life with our father.
  • He had been killed in the early part of the war.
  • I, Lucia had been training as a singer.
  • We suffered horribly because of the war and we three siblings were left on the streets to starve and to be exposed to the cold weather.
  • We kept ourselves alive in a shelter built with our own hands.
  • When the Germans ruled the city, my two brothers joined the resistance movement against them.
  • In spite of our lives being destroyed by the war, we stuck together.
  • After the war, I was diagnosed with tuberculosis of the spine.
  • They toiled to collect money for my treatment.
  • They never complained.
  • My brothers spend no money on themselves but saved everything for my treatment.
  • It breaks my heart that I being their older sister, who should be caring for them, is in bed and they have to sacrifice their youth for me.


Ending :

The devotion of my beloved brothers to their sick sister has touched me deeply. Their love reinforces my faith in humanity.



Solution 13(1)

The first sign of approaching war was that the people started leaving Sarajevo. They were crowding the airport, train and bus stations. Families and friends were separating.

Solution 13(2)

The family went into the cellar when the shooting started around noon.

Solution 13(3)

The 'awful cellar' was the only place that could save their lives because it was situated underground and could keep them safe from the firing and the explosions that were happening outside.

Solution 13(4)

Zlata's friend, Nina died when a shell fell in front of their house and a piece of shrapnel got lodged in her brain.

Solution 13(5)

Zlata and her father were worried about her mother's safety because a shell had exploded at the market place where her mother was.