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Class 10 NCERT Solutions English Chapter 8 - Fog [Poem]


Fog [Poem] Exercise 115

Solution 1

i) Sandburg thinks the fog is like a cat. 

ii) According to the poet, the fog comes in silently like a cat.

iii) In the third line 'it' refers to the fog.

iv) No, the poet does not actually say that the fog is like a cat. He uses the cat as a metaphor to describe it. He does to directly liken the fog to a cat.


The three things that tell us that the fog is like a cat are as follows:  

1) 'The fog comes on its little cat feet'- It means, like a cat the fog comes in so slowly that one hardly notices it.

2) 'It sits looking over harbour and city' - This line indirectly compares fog to a cat that likes to sit on window edges and look outside.

3) 'on silent haunches and then moves on'-  It means that like  a cat sitting on its haunches with its knees bent, the fog too sits silently for a while and then slowly moves on.


Solution 2




pounces over the fields, growls



 moves very fast, speeds along the tracks, darts across the tracks



leads to destruction


Green house

students are nurtured; ideas, dreams and aspirations sprout



provides safety, security

For solution

(ii), students are recommended to be creative and pen down a few lines as per their understanding of the question.

Solution 3

No this poem does not have a rhyme scheme. It is written in 'free verse'.

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