7th of September 2015

what is uniform circular motion?

Mehak Srivastava - CBSE - Class VI

Monday, September 07, 2015 at 18:42:PM



Circular motion is the motion of an object that moves at a fixed distance from a fixed point.

When an object moves along a circular path, its direction of motion as well as speed changes continuously.Thus, the motion is said to be accelerated motion as the speed (or velocity) keeps changing.Now, when the body moves in a circle with uniform speed, its motion is known as uniform circular motion.

Examples of Uniform Circular Motion

 1) Moon revolving around the earth:

The moon revolves around the earth in a circular orbit. It completes one revolution of its orbit in a period of about 29.3 days.

 2) The tip of the seconds’ hand of a clock:

The tip of the seconds’ hand of a clock shows uniform circular motion. It completes every circle in a period of 60 seconds.


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