ICSE Class 8 Maths Sample Papers and Solutions

Wondering whether you are prepared for your Maths exam? Attempt TopperLearning’s ICSE Class 8 Maths sample papers to evaluate your knowledge of Class 8 Maths topics. Also, boost your exam confidence by practising the solutions of different types of Maths questions in the sample papers. Revise ICSE Class 8 Maths concepts such as inverse variation, rational numbers, sets and more. With consistent efforts in learning from your mistakes through mock exams using sample papers, you can plan to solve difficult Maths problems easily.

In Maths, depending on your answering capabilities, you will find certain questions easy and certain questions difficult. You can build your exam strategies by tackling the Algebra and Geometry questions which are present in our ICSE Class 8 Maths question papers. With Maths practice using sample papers, you will also be able to improve your time-management skills. In this way, you can learn to plan enough time to attempt all the Maths questions successfully within the given time during your Maths exam.

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Sample Papers
More than 50% of questions from our sample papers were similar to questions in Board exams.
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Why should you use TopperLearning’s ICSE Class 8 Maths Practice Papers?

In ICSE Class 8 Mathematics, students will come across concepts like cube roots, laws of exponents, algebraic expressions and more. There will also be construction-based questions related to circles, quadrilaterals, 3-D objects etc. If you are already scared of Maths, you may dread the thought of confronting such questions during your exams. ICSE Class 8 Mathematics sample papers and solutions can relieve you of the exam-related stress.

The best way to use our free sample question papers for Class 8 ICSE Maths is to attempt the Maths questions from the sample papers without looking at the solutions. Once you are done with writing answers, you can check the answer keys provided by our Maths experts. Practice the solutions and attempt the sample paper again until you get all the answers right. This exercise will help you in improving your Maths problem-solving capabilities. If you have any doubts or questions, simply post them in the ‘Undoubt’ section of our study portal and get them resolved by Maths experts.