ICSE Sample Paper Class 8 - History & Civics - # 2

Remembering the precise details of all the names, events, dates and other key points of the topics covered in your ICSE syllabus for Class 8 History and Civics isn’t easy. That’s why learning  History and Civics topics can be tricky. TopperLearning’s revision materials such as sample papers and practice tests can be added to your arsenal to learn and revise the important details in History and Civics.

Go through Aurangzeb’s religious policy and learn about the Mughal Empire. Revise the growth of nationalism with our ICSE Class 8 History question paper solutions prepared by experienced History teachers. Figure out what happened during the reform movements in India. Also, understand the significance of the United Nations. Our step-wise History and Civics solutions will give you the answers to the important questions related to your syllabus topics.

Our ‘Doubts and Solutions’ section will support your learning with answers to common queries asked by fellow students. You can also clear your doubts with expert History teachers through this section. Now, learning History and Civics will become easier with the support of TopperLearning study materials by your side. The knowledge you acquire through our resources will even help you to score top marks in your ICSE Class 8 History and Civics exam.

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Useful study materials for ICSE Class 8 History and Civics at TopperLearning

Explore the gripping stories of India’s freedom struggle, French Revolution, American Revolution and more with our effective study materials. Practise different types of ICSE Class 8 History questions and answers with our sample papers and solutions. Also, get model answers for ‘Match the Contents’, ‘True or False’ and ‘Fill in the Blanks’ questions. In our History and Civics question paper solutions, you will find accurate model answers for picture-based questions as well.

Our sample papers are designed by experienced History educators according to the most recent Social Studies syllabus. We also provide the Trail History and Civics for Class 8 ICSE solutions for the questions from our sample papers. It ensures that you can identify your mistakes and learn from them after attempting the sample paper questions. Now, you can plan your sample paper tests and practice tests at your convenience. Being an e-learning portal, our ICSE Class 8 History and Civics solutions are available on our portal 24/7.

Why revision materials are important for ICSE Class 8 History and Civics?

Revision materials are important because you can carry on with your self-study whenever you want as per your learning pace. What was the Treaty of Amritsar? What led to the fall of the Vijayanagar Empire? How did the Mughal Empire get into the state of economic bankruptcy? Get answers to these questions with our ICSE Class 8 History solutions for sample papers.

Revisit the key concepts in Civics with our ICSE Class 8 Civics solutions. Get accurate answers for understanding the need for an organisation such as the United Nations. Also, become aware of the efforts of the specialised agencies associated with the United Nations such as WHO, UNESCO and others. Our ICSE question papers for Class 8 and practice tests are carefully created. With our online resources, you can evaluate your skills and learn your History and Civics syllabus topics thoroughly. Also, you can ask our experts all your doubts related to History and Civics in TopperLearning’s ‘Undoubt’ section. 

Frequently Asked Questions - ICSE Class 8 History and Civics

1.      Do you have any tips to study History for ICSE Class 8 students?

You can complete revising all your ICSE 8th Class syllabus topics by studying one topic at a time. For example, if you are studying about nationalism, revise Indian nationalism and then move on to the nationalist movements across the world.
2.      What are the important topics that I can study for ICSE Class 8 Civics exam preparation?

Some of the key topics you can learn during ICSE Class 8 Civics exam preparation are the functions of WHO, objectives of the United Nations, functions of the International Court of Justice etc.
3.      Why should I take Class 8 practice tests for History exam preparation?

Take the ICSE Class 8 History practice tests to test your skills for correctly answering objective-type questions and to revise concepts. Retake the tests to improve your score and to prepare better for your exams.
4.      Where can I ask ICSE Class 8 History and Civics doubts at TopperLearning?

To ask doubts related to ICSE Class 8 History and Civics on our study portal, click here.