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Management of Natural Resources

Management of Natural Resources Synopsis



Natural Resources 

  • Any matter or energy derived from the environment which can be used by all living organisms, including man, for their welfare constitute our natural resources.
  • Forests and wildlife, water, coal and petroleum are some of our important natural resources.

  • A system of controlling the use of natural resources in such a way so as to avoid their wastage and allow their use in the most judicial way is called management of natural resources.
  • Natural resources should be managed in such a way that everyone in the society is benefited from its development.


Need to Manage our Resources



Sustainable Development

  • Sustainable development is a development which meets the needs of the present generation as well as preserves the resources for future generations. It ensures that we do not overexploit our natural resources and do not pollute our environment.
  • The goals of sustainable development are
    • To promote the kind of development that minimises environmental problems.
    • To meet the needs of the existing generation without compromising with the quality of the environment for future generations.


Achieving Sustainable Development

  • It can be achieved by restricting human activities and making sensible use of natural resources.
  • Technological development should be input effective and not input utilising.
  • The rate of consumption should not surpass the rate of salvation.
  • For renewable resources, the rate of consumption should not surpass the rate of production of renewable substitutes.
  • All types of pollution should be minimised.


Conservation of the Environment

  • Conservation means ‘to keep safe’ whereas preservation means ‘to maintain the environment at it is’. 
  • It is crucial that we make use of the resources without causing any harm to the environment.


Practices for Conserving and Protecting the Environment

 Three R’s to Save the Environment