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word problem??

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Fri February 29, 2008

an organic compound 'A' having M.F. (C4H19O), does not react with sodium metal. it reacts with one mole of HI to give 'B' and 'C', 'B' gives iodoform test. the sodium salt of 'B' treated with 'C' gives A. an isomer of 'A' reacts with sodium metal and undergoes dehydration with Cu at 573K to give 'D' which reacts with HBr to give 'E'. identify 'A' to 'E' and write all chemical equations involved.

There is something wrong in the MF, check.

1. it is not a alcohol. Ethers react with HI and to give alcohol and halide. The alcohol formed gives iodoform test so it has to be CH3CH2OH. and other reactions will be according to MF


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