Mon June 04, 2012 By: Jigyasa Dwivedi

why electroststic field is zero inside a conductor ?

Expert Reply
Tue June 05, 2012

Gauss's law states that the electric field flux through a closed surface is equal to the quotient of the load inside the surface divided by ?0.

A driver is characterized by the charge carriers can move freely within it. If the charges in a conductor in equilibrium at rest, the electric field intensity in all interior points of the same must be zero, otherwise, would move the loads caused an electric current.

Within a conductor arbitrarily draw a closed surface S, and it follows that:

The electric field is zero, E=0 on all points of said surface.

The flow through the closed surface S is zero.

The net charge q on the inside of said surface is zero. As the closed surface S we can make it as small as we conclude that at any point P inside a conductor there is no excess burden, so this should be placed on the surface of the conductor

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