Mon April 06, 2015 By: Sujay Sarkar

What is meant by global ecological crises? What are the impacts of global ecological crises?

Expert Reply
Shubhali Kulshrestha
Tue April 07, 2015

Eco system is a community of living and non living organisms that are interdependent on each other in a same area. The relationship between living organisms, their interactions with their living and non living surroundings constitute an eco system. When multiple forms of destruction takes place due to changes in the environment and eco systems, it is known as global ecological crises. When changes in physical environment takes place, for example increase in temperature, significant reduction in rainfall etc, the plant and animal life is also affected.

As a result of global ecological crises, many species of plants and animals are either on the verge of extinction or have become extinct. This is due to many factors like the global warming, reduction in rainfall, desertification, submergence of coastal areas etc.

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