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What happens when there is reaction between a)weak acid and strong base b)weak acid and weak base c)strong acid and weak base D)strong acid and strong base

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Sun July 01, 2012
In each of such reaction salt and water forms. Whenever acid and base react they form salt.

Strong acids and strong bases always react in the same format since the dissociate nearly 100% in water.

  • Solutions of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide are mixed the reaction occurs as follows:

Weak acids dissociate only slightly in water, and therefore should be left combined and not written as its ions.  When weak acids react with strong bases, the H+ from the weak acid is transferred to the OH-from the strong base to form water and a salt.  The salt formed, however, will most likely be soluble, and should be written as its respective ions. 
  • Solutions of potassium hydroxide and acetic acid are mixed.

Ammonia (NH3) is a weak base that has its own type of reaction.  When it reacts with a strong acid, the H+ from the acid is transferred to the ammonia to form the NH4+ ion.  The rest of the strong acid acts only as a spectator ion and can be cancelled out.

  • A solution of ammonia is mixed with a solution of nitric acid.

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