Tue April 01, 2014 By: Vinayak Kulkarni

what are polynomiyals????

Expert Reply
Wed April 02, 2014
Polynomial is an expression,  consisting of constants, variables and coefficients which involves the addition, subtraction, multiplication operations along with the non-negative integer exponents.
A polynomial in a single variable is
a subscript n x to the power of n plus a subscript n minus 1 end subscript x to the power of n minus 1 end exponent plus... plus a subscript 2 x squared plus a subscript 1 x plus a subscript 0 w h e r e space a subscript 0 comma a subscript 1 comma a subscript 2 comma... comma a subscript n space a r e space c o n s tan t s.
Forming sum of several terms produces a polynomial
For example, x squared plus 2 x plus 1is a quadratic polynomial.
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