Fri March 04, 2011 By: Anandakrishnan .

two children A and B both weighing 40kg climbs a rope of height 8cm.A takes 15s and B takes 20s to reach the height calculate the amount of work done by both A and B?

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Mon March 07, 2011
Dear student,
Work done = FxD
F= mass X acceleration= 40X10(take g =10)= 400
Work done = 400 X 8
Work done = 400X8
As there is no net displacement, though energy is spent, the work done does not depend on time.

this eg will make it clear

consider a person pushing a wall for a whole day,though he has been expending his energy,the work done by him is zero.

as no displacement is caused.

i hope it is clear

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