Sat July 16, 2011 By: Naveen Gupta

two buses started simuntaneously towards each other from town A and town B which are 480km took the first bus travelling from a to b eight hours to cover the distance and the second bus traveling from B to A 10 hours.determine when buses will meet after and at what distance from A?

Expert Reply
Mon July 18, 2011
Speed of first bus travelling from A to B = = 60 km/hr
Speed of second bus travellimg from B to A = = 48 km/hr
Let the two buses meet after t hours.
The distance covered by first bus = 60 x t km
The distance covered by second bus = 48 x t km
Total distance = 60t + 48t = 108t = 480 km
=>  t = 4.44 hr
Distance travelled by first bus in 4.44 hr = 60 x 4.44 = 266.4 km
Therefore, the two buses will meet after 4.44 hr and at a distance of 266.4 km from A.
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