Fri April 18, 2014 By: Nikhil

The standard enthalpy of formation for methane CH4 is -74.9KJ/mol.In order to calculate average energy given out in the formation of C-H bond from this it is necessary to know which one of the following?

a] the dissociation energy of H2 and entahlpy of sublimation of carbon

b]the first four ionisation energy of carbon

c]the first four ionisation energies of carbon and electron affinity of H2

d]the dissociation energy of the hydrogen molecule,H2

Expert Reply
Mon April 21, 2014

The correct option is option a) the dissociation energy of H2 and enthalpy of sublimation of carbon
It will rquire, bond energy od H2, bond energy of CH formation and sublimation energy of C(s) to C(g).

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