Thu February 02, 2012 By: Raja Ram

sir pls solve this problem:the angles of elevation of an artificial earth satelliteis measured from two earth stations,situated on the same side of the satellite,are found30degree and 60degree .the two earth stations and the satellite are in the same vertical plane.if the distance between the earth stations is 4000Km,find the distance between the earth and satellite.(use root 3=1.732)

Expert Reply
Fri February 03, 2012

Let the distance between earth(A) and sat(B) be x and y be the distance between earth station(C) near to the earth  and the point A 

So, x/(y+4000) = tan30 = 1/root(3)

and x/y = tan60 = root(3)

On solving the two equations we get x = 2000*root(3) = 3464m

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