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Sir I have to do a ppt and please explain 
What is MRI?
How does an MRI scanner work and its principle.
How is physics involved in MRI?
MRI uses and applications.

Sir can you please help me in my school project?Topic is MRI scan

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Thu July 19, 2012
1. MRI stands for MAgnetic Resonance Imaging
2. It is a technique used to image the inner part of our body using magnetic fields.
3. Its working  principle is based on NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance). In this technique, magnetic field is imposed upon the tissues in our body. The atoms in these tissues rotate in this field and produce what we call a rotating magnetic field, which is a type of signature of a particular atom. It is its characteristic. Thus it gives detailed high resolution images of inner body parts.
4. In producing such high magnetic fields electromagnets made of high temperature superconductors are used which can show superconductivity at much higher temperatures upto boiling point of nitrogen (70 K).
For more detailed information other websites like Wikipedia or some other can be seen
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