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Savita left her home at 11a.m.,travelling along route 1 at 30kmph.At 1.p.m.,her brother rohan left home and started after her on the same road at 45 kmph. At what time did Rohan catch up to Savita?

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Wed January 30, 2013

Notice that the distance Savita covered is equal to that of Rohan that is, distance is constant. Letting x equal Savita's time, Rohan’s time is x – 2.

Speed x time = distance

Savita: (30) (x) = 30x

Rohan: (45) (x – 2) = 45x – 90

Because the distance is constant, so, we have:

30x = 45x – 90

15x = 90

x = 6

Savita had travelled 6 hours when Rohan caught up with her. Because Savita left at 11 a.m., Rohan caught her up at 5:00 p.m.
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