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[In the first question, 2x-1 is the power of 5 and x-1 is power of 25].
In the 2nd question, 1/a-b is power of x, 1/a-c is power of [x^1/a-b] and so on
. stands for multiplication

Q.1- If 5^2x-1 - [25]^x-1 = 2500. Find the value of x. Q.2- Prove that :- [x^1/a-b]^1/{a-c}.[x^1/b-c]^1/{b-a}.[x^1/c-a]^1/{c-b}=1

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Tue September 20, 2011
Kindly post only one query at a time.The solution of first one is given as:
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