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last day i had a question about balancing equations. can you please show a example of hit and trial method

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Mon June 06, 2011

Any elementary gas appearing on either side of the equation is written in atomic state.

the formula containing maximum no. of atoms is selected for starting the balancing process if it is not convinient then start with the atom that appear minimum no. of times.

atoms of elementary gases are balanced at the last.

once balancing is complete convert it to molecular form.


12. Balance the chemical equation,

By hit and trial method.


(i) Skeletal equation

(ii) Elementary gas in atomic form

(iii) Starting with KMnO4: K and Mn are balanced

(iv) Balancing O atoms

(v) Balancing H atoms

(vi) Balancing Cl atoms

The equation is now balanced in the atomic form.

(vii) To make it molecular

So the balanced molecular equation is

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