Wed September 11, 2013 By: Shubhi Gupta

Is carbon monoxide acidic or basic or neutral oxide? When carbon monoxide is mixed with water,what is formed? Is carbon monoxide metallic oxide or non metallic oxide? Give 2 examples of neutral oxide. What is the product formed in the reaction between Hydrochloric acid and copper?

Expert Reply
Vaibhav Chavan
Fri September 13, 2013
Carbon monoxide is a neutral oxide.
When carbon monoxide is mixed with water,formic acid is formed but it is not highly soluble.
Carbon monoxide is a non-metallic oxide.
Neutral oxides : H2O,NO,N2O
When copper is treated with hydrochloric acid, copper chloride and hydrogen gas is evolved.
 Cu + 2HCl ?CuCl2 + H2
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