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how we can calculate atomic and molecular mass

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Sun January 22, 2012

The molecular weight of a substance is the sum of the atomic weight of the atoms in a molecule. The atomic weight is the average atomic mass for a naturally occurring element. This means that molecular weight is the average mass of a molecule of a substance. Molecular weight is expressed in atomic mass units. For example, we might want to find the molecular weight of a molecule of water. We have 2 atoms of H, with each hydrogen atom weighing 1 amu. We multiply 2 H atoms by 1 amu a piece to get 2 amu. We add the 16 amu from one O atom to the 2 amu from the oxygen to get a total of 18 amu for one molecule of water.

H2O = 2 atoms of hydrogen and 1 molecule of oxygen
2 H * 1 amu = 2 amu1 O * 16 amu = 16 amu
2 amu + 16 amu = 18 amu = molecular weight of water
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