Sun July 22, 2012 By: Prkriti Gupta

give the difference between homo polymer and co polymer worth of 3 marks pls

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Sun July 22, 2012


When there are two types of monomers joining to make a polymer, that type of polymer is known as a copolymer. This is also known as heteropolymer. Two monomers can join in any fashion to make a polymer. Based on these joining variations, copolymers can be categorized as follows.

  • If the two monomers are arranged in an alternative way, it is known as an alternating copolymer. (for example, if the two monomers are A and B, they will arrange like ABABABABAB)
  • If the monomers are arranged in any order like AABAAABBBBAB, it is known as random copolymer.
  • Sometimes each monomer can join with the same type of monomers, and then the two blocks of homopolymers can join. This type is known as block copolymers (ex: AAAAAAABBBBBBB).


When a single type of monomer is polymerized to form a macromolecule, it is known as a homopolymer. In other words, there is one repeating unit. Polystyrene is a homopolymer where the repeating unit is styrene residues.

• In homopolymer, one monomer repeats and forms the whole polymer. In contrast, in copolymers there are two monomers making the polymer.

• Since there are various ways of joining the two monomers, there are different types of copolymers, but this type of variation of joining cannot be seen in a homopolymer.

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