Fri August 03, 2012 By: Manisha

could u plzz give me any idea for a nice maths model for 11th std .. and write the steps to make it. it may not be realted to the given chaptr and topic... somethng nice

Expert Reply
Tue August 07, 2012

1) A working model of theodolite can be made.

A theodolite is an instrument used for determining the horizontal and vertical angles between two points.  It is a key tool in surveying and engineering work, particularly on inaccessible ground.

If the distance between two point in a triangle is known, and two angles are measured using the theodolite, each dimension of the triangle can be determined using the triangulation process.


2) A working model of clinometer can be made.

A clinometer is a fairly simple instrument which is used to measure the angle of a slope. By using the principles of trigonometry, the height of tall objects can be calculated from the angles measured.

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