Tue April 15, 2014 By: Yash Sahu

Choose the correct statement(s) out of the following

(A) effloresence means the property of spontaneously giving water of crystallisation to the          atmosphere.

(B) an oxide which forms salts when it reacts with both acids and alkalies is a neutral oxide.

(C) CO2 when passes through a clear lime water solution , it turns milky.

(D) aqueous solution of all the salts are are neutral in nature.  

Expert Reply
Thu April 17, 2014
Option (A) and (C) are correct.
Efflorescence is the property of some substances to lose water wholly, or partly their water of crystallisation when their crystals are exposed to air even for a  short time.
When carbon dioxide is passed through lime water , it turns  lime water milky.
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