Thu July 05, 2012 By: Kanu Singh

3g of an oxide of a metal is converted to chloride completely and it yielded 5 g of chloride. The equivalent weight of the metal is (a) 3.325 (b) 33.25 (c) 12 (d) 20

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Sat July 07, 2012

oxidation state of oxygen is -2

lets take metal O.S as +1 or +2 in two cases with its atomic wt. as X

case 1:

for +1 state, its:        M20 + 2Hcl  ----> 2Mcl + H2O

                                    2x+16                  x+35.5

 so, it shld be 3/(2x+16)  = 2*5/(x+35.5)   where x is negative, so its not possible to metal be in +1 state

case 2:

for +1 state, its:        M0 + 2Hcl  ----> Mcl2 + H2O

                                  x+16                    x+72

 so, it shld be 3/(x+16)  = 5/(x+72) 

 which gives x = 66.5

so, the metal is Zinc

its eq. wt = 33.25

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