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I m student of Std 7th .Please guide me to prepare for physics exams especially  Lesson "Electricity" and "Reflection of light" in short. Thank you

Asked by Prabhanshu 2nd February 2017, 6:16 PM
Answered by Expert

Hi Prabhanshu,

Preparing for any Physics exam has the following key things to be noted:

1) Understanding all the concepts thoroughly

2) Learning all the definitions, laws, formulae and principles

3) Practicing all the problems

4) Practicing some past year papers (if available)

Now, for "Electricity" the following needs to be done:

1) Learn the key concepts of Dry Cell, Solar Cells, Electricity from water, Effects of current, electrical symbols, circuit diagram, conductors and insulators, electricity at home, commercial unit of energy, circuit system and safety measures thoroughly.

You can learn the concepts that you feel are easy first and then move to difficult concepts.

2) After this practice all the formulae and problems in the chapter.

3) Finally answer some questions from various books available.

For "Reflection of Light" do the following:

1) Learn the key concepts of terms related to reflection, types of reflection, laws of reflection, characteristics of image formed by plane mirrors, difference between real and virtual image, uses of plane mirrors, terms related to spherical mirrors, rules to draw a ray diagram, ray diagrams for image formation and uses of mirrors thoroughly,

2) Practice the ray diagrams separately for various positions of the object.

I am sure with this you will be able to ace Physics well.

All the Best!

Answered by Expert 3rd February 2017, 1:30 PM
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