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CBSE - X - English

formet of formal and informal letter

Asked by zoyajawaid1999 18th March 2015, 9:06 AM
Answered by Expert


Format for a formal letter


Sender’s Address



Date: ______________


Salutation, (Eg: Dear …,)

Recipient’s Name & Address






Subject: One short sentence stating the purpose of the letter.


Introduction: Begin by introducing yourself and the purpose of writing the letter.


Body Paragraph: Explain the situation in detail listing factual information needed to validate your point.


Conclusion: End the letter by restating your request or an assurance, whichever is the case.


Thanking you.



Complimentary Ending (Eg: Yours sincerely / faithfully)

Sender’s Signature

Sender’s Name


Format for an informal letter


Senders Address



Date: ______________


Salutation, (Eg: Dear …,)


Introduction: Greet the person to whom the letter is addressed and reassure of your own wellbeing. Introduce the purpose behind writing your letter.


Body Paragraph: Elaborate on the purpose of writing the letter by giving detailed information regarding the same.


Conclusion: Summarise all the points mentioned in the letter without further elaborating upon them.


Complimentary Ending (Eg: Yours sincerely / affectionately)

Sender’s Signature

Sender’s Name

Happy Studying, and All The Best for your exam! 
Answered by Expert 18th March 2015, 9:29 AM

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