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Aroh and Vitan

The Aroh part of the CBSE Class 12 syllabus comprises prose and the Vitan part is poetry. The poetry section is larger than the prose section with 18 poems to read and understand. To help you understand every bit of poetry and prose, we have NCERT textbook solutions and sample papers with solutions which are solved by our in-house subject experts. These solutions will easily help you summarise poems and understand the moral of the prose stories. The answers are framed to match up to the NCERT standard and the guidelines set by the board.


Why is it difficult to score in Hindi?

Hindi may not be your language or mother tongue, so expressing your thoughts or getting the spelling right could be a challenge if you don’t get enough practice before the exam.

How do I improve my spellings?

There is only one way to improve spellings—write and learn.

I have gone through the notes, but I still have a few questions. What to do?

For resolving doubts, please visit the UnDoubt section and post your queries there. Our experts will be glad to help you.

How do I check my level of preparation?

You can solve the sample papers (mock tests) to check your level of preparation.

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