CBSE Class 12-commerce Accountancy Practice Test

The CBSE Class 12 Commerce Accountancy TopperLearning practice tests encourage students to take regular tests in order to gauge their performance. These practice tests are arranged chapter-wise, so, test taking is easy and evaluation is much more comprehensive. In taking these tests frequently, students can get used to the exam paper pattern and can also anticipate the types of questions that may come their way. The Accountancy subject in CBSE Class 12 has 14 chapters. Some of these chapters are Accounting for Partnership: Basic Concepts, Goodwill: Nature and Valuation, Reconstitution: Change in Existing Profit-Sharing Ratio, Dissolution of Partnership Firm, Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organisation, Issue of Debentures, Financial Statements of the Company, and Cash Flow Statements.

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Accountancy Chapters for Practice test

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