Sample Papers for CBSE Class XI Accountancy #2

CBSE Class 11 Commerce Accountancyis divided into two parts—Accountancy Part 1 and Accountancy Part 2. At TopperLearning, both parts are explained elaborately through the chapter notes and revision notes.

Accountancy is a subject which is closely related with trade. It assesses and manages the monetary outcome of the institution. This subject teaches students how to record, allocate and outline the transactions of business. Besides learning to record, classify and report transactions, students learn how to draft a financial report based on recorded data and create financial statements.

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Why should students study with TopperLearning?

TopperLearning provides textbook solutions such as NCERT solutions, RD Sharma solutions, TR Jain and VK Okhri solutions and TS Grewal solutions. Our sample question papers, most important questions, revision notes and other study materials are ideal for CBSE Class 11 students. For theoretical subjects, students can read the answers from our NCERT solutions for revision. For subjects like Maths and Accountancy, students can refer to our solved questions and answers, and for a language subject like Hindi, students can study from our chapter notes and most important questions.


Where can I find the important questions for the CBSE Class 11 exam?

Our Most Important Questions or MIQs section is a dedicated section which lists the important questions and topics which are most likely to be asked in the exam.

Will online study help me score more marks?

TopperLearning’s intense practice and revision-based study materials for CBSE Class 11 Commerce ensure that if students practise and revise with dedicated effort, they will do well in the exams.

What should I read during CBSE Class 11 exam revision?

You can read the chapter summaries or the revision notes for a quick brush up before your exams.

If I find a concept difficult to understand, whom should I ask?

If you struggle to understand a concept, you can refer to our video lessons. Should you still have doubts, you can always use our UnDoubt (Ask the Expert) forum and get them clarified as soon as possible.

Is TopperLearning equipped enough to help me?

Yes, we have 950+ video lessons, 200+ revision notes, a question bank with 8500+ questions and 15+ sample papers for CBSE students. The study materials at TopperLearning are designed to give you clarity of the concepts that you study in class.