You are Manav. You are disarrayed about the rising no. of crimes against women. Write a letter to the editor of a National Daily expressing your concern on the issue. Also suggest some measures.

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The Editor

National Daily



Subject: Concern regarding the rising number of crimes against women


Dear Sir,

            Yesterday, while going through the columns of your esteemed daily, I happen to know that a girl who was travelling alone in a 1st class compartment of the local train was attacked by a few goons. Like everyone, I know even you are aware of the fact that this is not the first crime to happen this week; 3 days back, similar incident happened and before that an elderly woman was attacked in a similar way. I am, therefore, writing this letter of concern to voice my opinions regarding the same and also to suggest some measures which can be implemented to curb this disease. 

            Mumbai is said to be the land of dreams. But, now owing to the recent problems, it can very well be known as the land of broken dreams.  Post 7 in the night, no parents want their children, especially daughters, to go outside. The working women who sometimes come home late from work are in constant fear, they never know what and how are they going to be attacked. Me and my father are under constant worry till the time my mother and sister return home from their work. Is this the India which our forefathers, our freedom fighters dreamt of? It is good to teach one's child to be alert but should we teach them to live in constant fear? India has recorded the highest number of crimes against women. Why? What do we lack? Money? Police power? My answer would be nothing except a simple thought that we as a responsible citizen should protect those in need. A simple measure of protection from the police would save many women from getting harassed. 

            The women who were attacked are still under heavy medications, treating their never-healing wounds. From the reports which are shown by the media, though they are fighting of their lives, none of them have a chance of survival. If there would have been a single officer posted in the ladies compartment, I am pretty sure, none of these incidents would have occurred. 

            It unsettles me that what happened to them can happen to anyone, you, me or anyone. So, I came up with a few ideas that can be implemented for their safety. 

            1) Post a police officer in every local train post 10 in the night

            2) Develop and application through which anyone can reach the police and ask for immediate help

            3) Isolated stations should be under the strict vigilance of the police force

            4) Implement an awareness program and stick to it.

This is just a few measures which can be put into place right away. A multipronged strategy should be evolved to check crime in society. It is my humble request to put this concern from your end in one of your articles. I am of the opinion that the media can influence a lot in the way people think and live. Kindly help us in tackling the situation.


Thanking you.


Yours faithfully,



Answered by Athira | 15th Jul, 2017, 06:19: PM

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