What were the impact on russia after the russian revolution ?

Asked by jhajyotish377 | 19th Jan, 2020, 07:28: PM

Expert Answer:

The impact on Russia after the Russian Revolution:
  • Russia was the first country to become a socialist nation.
  • Most of the industries and banks were nationalised.
  • Land was declared social property and peasants were allowed to seize the land of the nobility
  • In cities, Bolsheviks enforced the partition of large houses according to family requirements. They banned the use of the old titles of aristocracy.
  • However, the revolution was criticised because of the way the Bolsheviks took power. Yet by 1950s it was acknowledged even within Russia the the style of the working government was not keeping up with the ideals of the Russian Revolution.
  • Though, the workers were empowered and poor were fed, the Russian government had denied the essential freedoms to its citizens and carried out its developmental projects through repressive policies. One such example was the forceful Collectivisation programme of Stalin. It was in 1991, that the Soviet Union was finally disintegrated.

Answered by Shubhali Kulshrestha | 20th Jan, 2020, 01:54: PM

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