what is the meaning of social difference,social division.
what do you mean and what is the difference between overlapping and cross cutting.
if agriculture and commerse are stste sybjects,why do we have ministersof agriculture and commerseun the union cabinet.

Asked by Mrinal Ghezta | 22nd Jun, 2014, 10:35: AM

Expert Answer:

Social Difference:Social differences are the differences and discriminations that occurs in the society. Many social differences are generally based on the accidents of birth. The differences between males and females, people having different heights and complexion are all examples of social differences caused due to birth. However, not all social differences are based on birth. Some people are atheists, some are God fearing. These differences are chosen by the people themselves.
Social Division: When socail differences become acute and one community is discriminated becasue of the differences, it becomes social division. Under such circumstances, one community is discriminated. For example, social difference between the upper castes and lower castes becomes a social division as the dalits are generally poor and face unjustice and discrimination.
Overlapping of social division happens when people of one out of two communities are not only discriminated but are also poor and they begin to feel as they belong to the different community.
Cross cutting happens when people are facing a same issue but have different opinions about the way to resolve it. In cross cutting, discrimination often does not take place and problems could be solved peacefully.

Answered by Social Science Expert | 23rd Jun, 2014, 11:14: AM

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