what is acid base and salt

Asked by luckylucky39382 | 2nd Oct, 2020, 10:37: PM

Expert Answer:

Definition of Acid:

Acid is a proton donor, and electron acceptor.

For example: HCl → H+ + Cl-

Definition of Base: 

Base is proton acceptor and electron donor.

For example: NH3 + H+  NH4+

Definition of Salt

Salt is an ionic compound which dissociates in water to yield a positive ion other than the hydrogen ion (H+) and a negative ion other than the hydroxyl ion (OH).

For example, NaCl

NaCl space plus space straight H subscript 2 straight O space rightwards arrow with blank on top space Na to the power of plus space plus space Cl to the power of minus

Answered by Ramandeep | 5th Oct, 2020, 01:49: PM

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