There is a positively charged sphere A and negatively charged sphere B, such that they are brought in electical  cotact by a copper wire. Answer the following questions
(a) which sphere is at higher potential  before electrical contact on the basis of convention?
(b) which sphere is at lower potential before electrical contact on the basis of convetion?
(c) In which direction conventional current flows?
(d) In which direction electronic current flows?
(e) What is the potential of spheres after electric contact?

Asked by Rajiv | 22nd May, 2015, 08:35: PM

Expert Answer:

Sphere A is positively charged and sphere B is negatively charged.
Hence, we get
(a) Sphere A is at highere potential.
(b) Sphere B is at lower potential.
(c) Conventional current flows from point at higher potential to a point at lower potential. Hence, it flows from sphere A to sphere B.
(d) Electronic current flows from a point where electron flows to a point, i.e from sphere B to sphere A.
(e) The potential of spheres after contact would be same. This will result by charge distribution from both the spheres.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 24th May, 2015, 04:45: PM