sir .why gragore jon mendle use pea plant

Asked by happy.malasi | 8th Apr, 2014, 08:16: PM

Expert Answer:

Hi, Mendel choose garden pea for his experiment because of the following reasons: 1. It is an annual plant with a short lifecycle. 2. It has perfect bisexual flowers containing both male and female parts. 3. The flowers are self-pollinating and so, it is easy to get pure line for several generations. 4. It is easy to cross-pollinate the plant because pollen from one plant can be introduced to the stigma of another plant by removing of anthers. 5. Pea plant produces a large number of seeds in one generation. 6. The plants can be easily raised, maintained and handled. 7. Many easily detectable contrasting characters were available. Regards!!

Answered by  | 10th Apr, 2014, 04:40: PM

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