read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow :

"At length did cross albatross ,

Through the fog it came;

As if it had been a Christian soul ?

We hailed it in god's name ."

(a) Explain : ' At length did cross an Albatross'.

(b) what favourable change did it bring ?

(c) Why was the albatross hailed as a Christian soul ?

(d) identify the rhyme scheme.

Asked by pdcavita | 1st Feb, 2018, 06:15: PM

Expert Answer:

a) an Albatross bird flew out of the fog. As it is considered to be a holy bird, the ship’s crew welcomed it.


(c) It was so called because the Mariners thought the Providence sent a living creature to them for the company in response to their prayers. They were so glad to find a living creature at the pole where they had not seen any living being or animals for days together. So in their happiness, they called it a Christian soul.


(d) ABCB

Answered by  | 2nd Feb, 2018, 12:56: PM

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