Question:Complete the following passage by choosing the right options.                               Passage:At first Tinmay appeared to be quite afraid of the puppy and(a)________ back if it came too near.He would run and touch it (b)________ his large forepaws,and(c)_________ retreat to a safe distance.Finally,he allowed the puppy to crawl on his back and rest there. Options:(a) (1)run (2)ran (3)running (4)runs                                                                               (b) (1)by (2)with (3)from (4)of                                                                                         (c) (1)than (2)then (3)go (4)make                                            

Asked by Harshit Saini | 15th Sep, 2015, 05:21: PM

Expert Answer:

(a) (2)ran
(b) (2)with 
(c) (2)then 

Answered by Snehal Naik | 16th Sep, 2015, 08:31: AM