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Topic 3- Under performing Sector- ‘Agriculture

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Expert Answer:

In India, agriculture is a critical sector of an economy. Even though, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country has fallen from about 30% in 1990-91 to less than 15 % in 2011-12, a trend which is expected in the development process of any economy, agriculture still the backbone of development. An average Indian still spends almost half of his/her total expenditure on food, while roughly half of India’s work force is still engaged in agriculture for its livelihood. As a source of livelihood and food security for majority of low income, poor and vulnerable sections of society, its performance assumes greater significance in view of the proposed National Food Security Bill and the ongoing Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) scheme.

Discuss the following important key indicators:

  • Growth performance of agriculture sector during the planning period: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) rates.
  • Compare the performance of growth of GDP and agriculture GDP in India.
  • Composition of output of agriculture and allied sectors.
  • Finally mention that the significance of agriculture sector in India is not restricted to its contribution to GDP, but that on account of its complementarity with other sectors. It has far reaching ability to impact poverty alleviation and rural development. There are several areas of importance for the agriculture sector growth.

Answered by Tharageswari S | 13th May, 2016, 08:19: AM