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debate -favour - superstition is a blot on our society
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Asked by mkvinvestments6 | 29th Oct, 2015, 09:56: AM

Expert Answer:

You can use the following points to frame your argument.


Superstition Is a Blot On Our Society

Ignorance and lack of education is a chief cause of superstition. Superstition is strengthened further when it is associated with any religion.

Superstitions have strong roots in any culture since men by nature prefer to hold on to what they have learnt since childhood.

This human tendency stems from people’s innate fear of change and the uncertain future.

These beliefs also have a great level of emotions involved which prevent people from seeing the light of reason.

Such beliefs, when carelessly promoted, cause a hindrance in the progress of the society.

They create barriers between people who follow them and those who disregard them thus, causing the society at large to regress.

These are overlooked in modern societies as long as they do not harm anyone. However, instances where superstitions take a nasty turn are not uncommon.

The lives of numerous people have been endangered and even lost to this evil.

When people let superstitions rule their lives, they make themselves vulnerable and prey to tricksters.

When such instances surface a negative image of that cultural group is formed before the world.

Answered by Valentina Trindade | 29th Oct, 2015, 12:49: PM

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