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How does Mark Antony inside the Roman people against the conspirators? Write your answer in about 120 words? 

Asked by pdcavita | 27th Dec, 2017, 08:30: PM

Expert Answer:

Following hints will help you frame an answer in your own words-
If we talk about Mark Antony,
-he is a true friend of Ceaser's
-wanted to take revenge on Ceaser's comparators
-he was a very powerful influential speaker
-People use to follow his words
-His words touched people's heart
-had excellent speaking skills that he could influence and motivate people to do the opposite of what they wanted to do in actual.
-he was told not to blame the conspirators but only praise Ceasers
-even when his condition was not good, he conveyed the mob against the conspirators
-kept contrasting Anthony as an honorable man, with him saying that Ceaser was ambitions
-he told about the will in a secret/suspense manner. 

Answered by  | 29th Dec, 2017, 12:55: PM

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