Inspite of having a melodious voice and being a crowd puller the nightingale turns out to be a loser and dies. Is she responsible for her downfall? Justify your answer.

Asked by tultuldutta58 | 16th Jul, 2017, 09:32: PM

Expert Answer:

Yes, inspite of being of being a crowd puller, the nightingale lost out to the cunning crow and is herself responsible for her downfall. The frog was threatened by the presence of the talented rival and was jealous of all the adulation the nightingale was garnering. The frog, thus, asked her to sing a song of her own. When the nightingale asked the frog whether he liked the song, he gave his critical appreciation. This impressed the nightingale that a critic of such popularity has evaluated her art and song. However, he then arrogantly replied that it was nothing to boast about. The innocent nightingale, fell prey to the frog's criticism about her singing. Because the nightingale had no confidence in her own ability, she accepted the frog's offer to tutelage. The frog easily exploited the nightingale's submissive nature. He kept criticizing her, telling her that her song was far too long and lacked a certain force and needed his tutelage. He made her rehearse round the clock insisting that her voice needs to get stronger. He wanted her to add more thrills and frills and make it sharper and snappier. However, all this criticism took a toll on the poor bird and she lost her spirit. Terrified of the frog, she kept on trying till she bursted a vein and died. The nightingale, though polite, was timid, meek and scared. She lacked self-confidence which made it easy for the frog to rob her of her peppiness and spirit.

Answered by Athira | 17th Jul, 2017, 12:28: PM

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